Our Thai history

or how a pretty piece of Thailand found a place in the heart of Krakow

The real Thailand is… at 36 Floriańska Street – in the heart of Krakow and your needs. It’s worth experiencing: get to know our Garden, offer and massage, which can really change lives (as it once changed mine).

My name is Barbara Napolitano and I am the caretaker of this special place. The idea of the salon sprouted when I was at the turning point in my life with no career plans, no idea for myself and for my future.

The remedy for a hopeless situation turned out to be an unplanned Thai massage. Some kind of magic happened! I felt a much-needed sense of lightness without the burden of problems I was up to my ears. Calmness and clarity of thought came to me. The result of the massage was so amazing that I decided to create a Thai massage salon with the certainty that THIS is IT – this is what I want to do in my life.

With a head full of ideas, I went to Thailand. The Buddha statue I saw at Wat Pho temple seemed familiar. Why? Because of the similarity of the images of Buddha: an old gift – a figurine and the temple statue. With the Buddha figures and the sphere of meaning ascribed to them in Buddhism I was reassured that I made a good decision.

Soon a salon was established in Krakow. It did not always have this name, but it was always associated with Thai and Balinese massages which we combine with the deepened understanding of the relation between the body and soul.

The level of determination and accompanying excitement in my ‘salon journey’ opened my eyes to various signs, unusual circumstances and intriguing coincidences. They led me, as intended, towards the realisation of a goal that now allows me to co-create a place where you can experience the desired clarity of thoughts and inner harmony, all thanks to the tradition of Eastern medicine. Of course, with a bit of the magic of the Orient.

My salon is the result of my experience during a completely unplanned Thai massage. And that is how the story of ThaiBali Garden began…

Why should you consider visiting ThaiBali Garden?

ThaiBali Garden is a salon of authentic massage


In keeping with the ancient wisdom, while utilising contemporary knowledge about the mind and body dynamic. You have only one health, but there are many different ways leading to it and we always choose the most suitable one for our clients.

ThaiBali Garden is a salon of massage with proven effectiveness


We are working with the best specialists, who have vast knowledge and experience. During the recruitment of our masseuses, we work closely with the most reputable agencies in Thailand and Indonesia. Thanks to that, you can fully trust every person you meet in our salon.

ThaiBali Garden is a massage salon that is always smiling


Thai people are famous for their gentle smile that never goes away. It is more than a mere impression or a pose; it is an inner peace, outwardly expressed through a friendly attitude, kindness and mindfulness.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Orient

remind yourself, how it is to feel wonderful

In the garden and salon you will find an authentic furnishing: a stunning wooden carved gate from Chiang Mai, a stone statue of Deva Ganga, Balinesse incense, mandalas and other treasures. There are absolutely no imitations from the Internet or an “Indian store”. It is not just an interior design or scenography, but the soul of this place – beautiful pieces and gleams of the Orient, genuine like everything we do.

It all affects the senses. Authenticity cannot be faked. You will feel that right away when you visit us.

Today, in the times of rush and Instagram fiction, finding something so simple yet beautiful and exhilarating, is an extreme rarity. Even these words do sound outdated, don’t they?

That is because ThaiBali Garden was not created a moment ago or just for a moment.

„I have always been amazed at the changes that happen in our clients after just one appointment. It is the best motivation to keep going.”

– Barbara Napolitano

„I have always been amazed at the changes that happen in our clients after just one appointment. It is the best motivation to keep going.”

— Barbara Napolitano


Poland is well-known for its hospitality, Thailand – for its smile. In ThaiBali Garden we fused those two, so that we could offer you something genuinely exceptional. It will be a pleasure for us, if you decide to find this out yourself.

We are focused on the long-term benefits of our clients. We work holistically and concentrate on forging a good relationship. It all begins with… you.

Only when you visit us, we will be able to talk less about the massage and show you more of its truly incredible properties. Then you will find out, why our tiny Thai island on Krakow’s sea has such a loyal clientele.

We invite you hospitably and with a smile,

— Barbara Napolitano and the team

Florianska Street 36

31-021 Kraków

Monday - Sunday:

12:00 - 22:00

+48 12 341 47 71


Florianska Street 36
31-021 Kraków

Monday - Sunday:
12:00 - 22:00

12 341 47 71