Our Team

Each of them is different, but they all have years of experience and excellent knowledge of various Thai and Balinese massage techniques in common. Our masseuses are masters of their craft.


She was born in Chaiyphum, a small province in Thailand, where she also grew up and began her adventure with massage. She received her education with honors from The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society. With 9 years of professional experience gained in various places, she worked for the longest period, a remarkable 4 years, at LiLa Thai Massage Shop in Bangkok, as well as at Scents&Senses A Touch of Thai in Malaysia. She has been with our salon since the end of 2022.

Ammara is a specialist in both relaxation massages and skillfully applies her techniques during Traditional Thai Massage. In her free time, she takes care of her physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. She nurtures her positive energy and well-being, which is noticeable and palpable.

She emphasizes the importance of sleep and meditation in her life, finding them to be crucial for healing. Ammara is a warm, calm individual radiating wonderful care and agency.


Ann is a certified and experienced massage therapist from Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Her thorough education is accredited by the renowned school, The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine, which she completed in 2018. She gained experience as a therapist in Jordan and Poland.

Ann carefully listens to the client’s needs and individually tailors the massage intensity and pressure according to each person. Her inherent gentleness and calmness radiate from her, allowing her to soothe tightly wound and stressed bodies. However, don’t be deceived by her softness and feminine grace, as surprisingly, she possesses a considerable amount of strength in her hands and arms, which she utilizes during intense massages, catering even to the most demanding clients.

She excels in both gentle and relaxing treatments, such as aromatherapy or herbal stamp massage, as well as more vigorous ones, using significant pressure – like in sports Thai massage. Bringing relief from pain and enhancing well-being for those who entrust themselves to her care brings her immense satisfaction.


Originally from Indonesia, Ayu was born in Pergung on Bali, often referred to by its predominantly Hindu population as the ‘Island of Temples.’ After completing high school, Ayu travelled to the provincial capital of Bali, Denpasar, where she graduated from the International School Training Center at Tulip Spa in 2010. As an experienced masseuse, she embarked on a professional journey, working in Turkey at Kener Antalya Bable Palace (2014–15) and Hilton Dalaman Satigerme Resort & Spa (2015–2017). Since December 2017, she has been residing in Krakow, contributing her expertise as one of the therapists at ThaiBali Garden.

Specializing in Balinese massage and the Indonesian lulur ritual, Ayu is a true SPA therapist. Her facial massage, incorporating 24-carat gold flakes, is a captivating experience. Ayu, with her delicate demeanor, remarkable beauty, and mysterious smile, exudes internal tranquility that fosters trust in those who place themselves ‘in her hands.’ Her massages are like a waking dream, providing both physical and mental relief.

Ayu is curious about the world and culinary arts. She enjoys tasting unfamiliar dishes and savoring new flavors. She also likes to cook herself.


Eka was born in Bakas, a picturesque town located in the southern part of Bali, rich in natural fauna and flora. In 2015, she obtained her education in Indonesia, the homeland of Balinese massage, first completing the Paradise International SPA School and then Senior High School SMK Negeri 1 Klungkung. After such thorough preparation, she began gaining experience and building her career as a massage therapist—initially in Bali and later abroad, including a stint in Moscow. In 2021, she came to Poland to continue her work as a therapist.

Eka specializes in oil massages, such as Balinese and lomi-lomi massages. Her strength can be surprising—she has excellent knowledge of anatomy and is our specialist in sports massage. She is a therapist with many years of experience in medical massage.

Her warm and sincere smile never fades from her face, and her soothing and gentle hand movements can relax even the most strained body. If you feel that you carry a lot of stress and tension within you, be sure to try a massage with her, and you will undoubtedly feel relief.


Hon is a highly qualified massage therapist hailing from the city of Suphan Buri in Thailand. She was trained by the Teacher Jack Shaman, who shared all the secrets of the art of massage with her, and has also trained a current World Medalist. Hon boasts 8 years of professional experience. Her skills, validated by the prestigious school, The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine, were further solidified and developed during her work at a Thai massage salon in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Hon is a calm individual with a soothing voice and a warm smile. She specializes in therapeutic massages, particularly in traditional Thai massage, where she employs professional techniques tailored to the client’s needs. She also excels in oil massages, such as ThaiBali. Despite the considerable strength she possesses, she can keenly sense the optimal intensity for the person entrusting themselves to her care. As a result, her massages are a great pleasure and a source of relief from pain.


She comes from Indonesia, born in Buleleng, the northern region of Bali. She graduated from Tulip Spa International School in Denpasar, Bali, in 2013. She gained professional experience both in Bali and Europe – in 2013, she moved to Turkey, where she worked for a total of 9 years, including positions at Hotel Maritim Pine Beach, Cengger Beach Resort & Spa, and Calido Maris Cengger Antalya. In 2022, she left Turkey for the beautiful city of Krakow in Poland.

She has been part of the ThaiBali salon team since September of this year, bringing her inner calm and smile to the rest of the team. Her greatest satisfaction as a massage therapist comes from the awareness of the relief and relaxation which she brings to her clients through her healing touch. She specializes in full-body massages such as ThaiBali and Lomi Lomi, and she excels in massages using coconut oil and aromatherapy. She performs the Indonesian facial ritual Lulur with great skill. As a qualified massage therapist who gained knowledge in the Southeast Asian region, she understands that the overall well-being of a person consists of a healthy body and spirit. That’s why, in her free time, she practices yoga and engages in sports.


She hails from the large city of Nan in Thailand. Nee acquired her knowledge at the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society, where she studied under masters of Thai medical massage. She can boast of practicing at the Nan Hospital, where she provided professional massage to hospital patients. She has also worked in establishments such as Chang Thai in China and San Sabai Massage Shop in Bangkok. With 10 years of experience, primarily in Thai medical massage, she joined our salon at the end of 2022.

Nee specializes in various therapeutic massages, including Thai Sports Massage and Traditional Thai Massage, among others. She excels in stronger and more intensive massages. Thanks to her experience, she can identify and address issues with muscles, joints, and swelling during massages.

Her passion lies in discovering new therapeutic massage techniques and enhancing her practices. Her professional insight and skilled hands have helped numerous clients with their concerns.


Paa comes from the city of Udon Thani in northeastern Thailand. She is a therapist with extensive professional experience, primarily gained in Asia (in Thailand, Malaysia, and China) and later in Europe. Thanks to her knowledge and skills acquired at the most prestigious Thai massage school, Wat Pho in Bangkok, which she completed in 2009, Paa can expertly locate trigger points on the recipient’s body and assess which areas require special care.

Paa is an incredibly attentive, work-oriented person with a delicate stature and an optimistic disposition. If you need an improvement in well-being and relief from stress, Paa is certainly the right person to address these concerns. Her calm, fluid movements bring relief to sore muscles and frazzled nerves. She excels in oil-based, relaxing massages, paying particular attention to specific points on the body, such as Traditional Thai Massage.


She hails from Bali, specifically from the city of Singaraja. She graduated from the Sekar Ring Jagat Training Centre with a Spa Therapist certificate. With an impressive 22 years of experience as a therapist, she has navigated her professional journey through salons and spas in Bali, such as Kawas Spa and Andara Spa. She further honed her skills at a salon in Turkey and gained experience in the Maldives at Lux Maldives Resorts. Since 2019, she worked in Russia at a place called “Istok-M” as a specialized Spa therapist. She has been with our salon since the end of 2022.

She stands out for her extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic massages, traditional Balinese massages like Pijat Bali, and various massages associated with natural spa treatments. She applies her understanding of the body and skin during the Lulur Ritual. During treatments and massages, she focuses on points in the body that require the most attention.

Tini is a very family-oriented person, prioritizing her home life. Her passion lies in cooking traditional Indonesian dishes.