How to get a free parking lot in Krakow

a comfortable parking lot

Comfort of our clients is crucial to us – even before they come to us. Close to our salon you will find a free parking lot for the clients of ThaiBali Garden, who made a reservation in advance. This is just an example of the quality we offer at every step. That way, even parking your car before the visit is a preview of the upcoming comfort.

We invite you to Thailand hidden in Krakow
see you soon!

how to book a parking spot at ThaiBali Garden?

While booking an appointment, inform us about your wish to use the parking lot.

At the entrance to the parking, inform the porter that you are a client of ThaiBali Garden (you will recieve a special ticket).

Show us the ticket at the reception desk. Thank you!

Note – the salon covers the cost of the parking lot only for the duration of your visit