Slim Magic

the magic of slimming touch

Therapeutic effect

Relaxation effect

Slim Magic is both a therapeutic and slimming massage. It harmoniously combines Asian traditions and medical knowledge, supporting you in fat and cellulite reduction.

Massage variants

60 min (recommended)
290 PLN
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Massage details

Every touch is a small step forward towards health and better appearance. Slim Magic reawakens and cleanse natural internal bodily mechanisms, aiding in:

√ reducing abdominal, thigh and buttock fat
√ oxygenation and smoothing the skin of the entire body
√ clearing out lymphostasis
√ improving blood circulation
√ detoxification.

Energetic and skilful movements of the masseuse warm up the skin, firming and toughening it, thanks to the acceleration of subcutaneous metabolism. We utilise vascular massage technique, acupressure and ayurvedic massage philosophy. Pressing, kneading and patting parts of the body, where we want to reduce cellulite, the masseuse completes with the application of a special cream with the addition of massage oil.

Slim Magic massage does not replace diet and exercise – it complements them. You can get the best results through complex actions: healthier lifestyle, carefully planned meals and exercise are the basis, while the massage will help you achieve the desired results faster.

Slim Magic will also be a perfect choice for new mothers – women, who recently gave birth. It will help them return to their shape and regain energy.

We invite you for the Slim Magic massage – stay healthy!

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Massage variants

60 min (recommended)


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