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Therapeutic effect

Relaxation effect

There is no other like this one – hence it can be a perfect massage for the first time at ThaiBali Garden (and every following one). It is a whole body care, which through the use of oils and candle wax, will put you into a state of profound peace, while stimulating the lymphatic system.

Massage variants

60 min (shortened)
240 PLN
90 min (recommended)
315 PLN
120 min (extended)
430 PLN
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Massage details

The Asian candle massage brings about a deep state of relaxation, that can hardly be compared to anything else. Clients come back to it for years, even when they already know many other techniques and schools of massage.

Better blood circulation, hydration and smoothing of the skin, improved quality of sleep, less stress, relaxation and tranquility – these are the most essential benefits of the Asian candle massage.

In a way, it is also a “massage for the mind”: relaxing music will help your thoughts run away from the everyday stress – the most important will be only here and now, and that means you and your needs.

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Massage variants

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