Traditional Thai

hundreds of years of knowledge enclosed in one incredible massage

Therapeutic effect

Relaxation effect

The Thai massage is called „Yoga for the lazy ones”. The client, with the instructions from the therapist, takes the poses inspired by the main asanas of passive yoga.

Massage variants

60 min (shortened)
210 PLN
90 min (recommended)
260 PLN
120 min (extended)
320 PLN
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Massage details

During the treatment, the masseuse uses a variety of techniques: beginning with gentle stretching and stroking the body, moving on to applying gradually more intense pressure to certain parts of the body, finishing with tenderly relaxing reflexology.

The massage enhances vitality, increases the range of mobility and intellectual skills.

The massage is performed on a king size bed, in a special attire that does not restrict the freedom of movement.

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Massage variants

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