The healing touch

individual therapeutic and healing massages

Therapeutic effect

Relaxation effect

The Healing Touch is a complex range of massages that aim to tackle the client’s health issues. They will be perfect for you, if you mainly expect help in alleviating different types of headaches, muscle tension, regaining fitness after an injury or either restore or increase joint mobility.

Massage variants

90 min (recommended)
340 PLN
120 min (extended)
420 PLN
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Massage details

When the typical massage concentrates on rest and relaxation, with health being an addition, here the therapeutic aspect is the main focus – the sole feeling of relaxation is a supplement, stemming from the improved bodily condition - stimulation of bones, tendons, nerves and muscles.

To make the healing massage most effective, every Healing Touch treatment is individually planned – there are no fixed routines or types of massages, because we always adapt exactly to the client’s needs and types of health issues. The duration, length and force of the pressure, used techniques, materials or tools – every detail will be exactly as your body needs to regain strength and energy.

Masters of effective massage, with many years of experience work here, at ThaiBali Garden. It is worth using their knowledge and find it out. It is a good idea to use the services of different masseuses to find out, whose techniques and approach is the most helpful for you. They are artists in their craft, each having their own individual skills set and secrets.

Health is wealth. If anything hurts you, it is not worth putting it off till later – a massage can help you more than you may think, and most importantly it can prevent the problems from getting worse.

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