Moroccan Argan

if the elixir of youth exists, this it it

Therapeutic effect

Relaxation effect

The argan oil that we use during this massage is often called “the elixir of youth” or “Moroccan gold”. It is one of the most precious sources of unsaturated fatty acids. It is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree and is almost exclusively produced in Morocco. It is a treasure which we readily share with our clients at ThaiBali Garden.

Massage variants

60 min (shortened)
270 PLN
90 min (recommended)
355 PLN
120 min (extended)
430 PLN
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Massage details

To the great benefits of the argan oil, we add the techniques of ayurvedic massage, acupressure and reflexology for even better results.

An experienced masseuse, performing the combination of pressing-kneading and rubbing-stretching series of movements, slowly relaxes each muscle, one by one, while the argan oil increases the fluidity and effectiveness of the treatment – while also bringing all of its unique benefits: preventing the formation of wrinkles, nourishing the skin, alleviating joint and muscle pain and fighting inflammation.

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